How to install the Aweber extension and set up a popup?

*To be able to use the Aweber popup with our extension, you should have an Aweber account and create lists to generate them in our Popup Builder.
Please, follow the steps to install Aweber extension:

  • Go to your WordPress admin panel.

  • Go to Plugins > Add New.

  • Click Upload Plugin.

  • Choose package.

  • Click Install Now to install the plugin. A popup window will ask you to confirm your wish to install the plugin.

  • If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it; or Return to Plugin Installer for further actions.

  • Under the Popup Builder a new tab will appear, called "Aweber popup"

That's it :) you are ready to use Aweber extension.

1. To configure Aweber popup you need to connect the plugin to your Aweber account.

2. Click Connect and a window will appear so you can log in to your Aweber account.

3. Now click "Allow Access" and you'll be connected.

4. Now, click "Add new" under the Popup Builder menu bar and select "Aweber" popup type.

5. Select the List that's generated from your Aweber account, and select the according Sign up form for that list.

6. Now, you can set up Aweber popup options and select the "After successful subscriptionon" behavior for the popup.

That's it!