Compatible with Business Directory??

Jan 01, 2018
cecile wrote
Hi wonderful community<br /> I have created a business directory thanks to Business Directory Plugin. I want my users to be able to review the listings . the main issue is that there is more than 4000 listings in the directory. <br /> my questions are<br /> * is Review Builder compatible with Business Directory Plugin?<br /> * is there a way to automatically add the review section on all the listings or will I have to do it one by one?<br /> <br /> thx
1 Answer
Jan 02, 2018
Ani agent wrote
Dear User,<br /> <br /> Our developer checked the Business Directory Plugin for a test.<br /> 1. Yes, it's compatible, and you can use it with our plugin.<br /> 2. I'm sorry, you can't add the reviews on the listings automatically.<br /> At the moment, our plugin shows reviews automatically on WordPress default posts and Wocommerce product pages.<br /> But for the listings, you should add the shortcode of the review manually. <br /> There shouldn't be any problems with the way it works.<br /> Let us know if you need more help, we'll be happy to assist! ;-)<br />