Popup limitation parameters

Jul 26 (2 months ago)
Joe Rominiecki wrote
I am unclear on the meaning of the options within the &quot;Popup limitation&quot; setting. <br /> <br /> Does &quot;popup showing count&quot; mean the total number of times a user will EVER see the popup? Or does it mean the number of times the user will see the popup within the &quot;expiry&quot; period setting below it?<br /> <br /> And, does &quot;popup showing expiry&quot; mean the maximum period within which a user can see a popup? Or does it mean the period after which the &quot;popup showing count&quot; resets for the user and they begin seeing it again?<br /> <br /> Ideally, what I would like to do is set a popup so that a user sees it once, then doesn't see it again for at least 30 days, then sees it again, then not for another 30 days, then for a third and final time (i.e., total maximum of 3 times ever). Is that possible?