How to Create a "Recent Sales" or “Live Sales” Popup

Why “Recent Sales” or “Live Sales” popup works perfectly?  It’s because people often follow the social behavior, a concept called the psychology of social proof in marketing. This is all about the influence of actions of the people around us that condition our behavior. It follows that we need motivation in order to perform some action. And one of these motivating factors appears to be the social behavior. So, want to motivate your site visitors? Show them the sales your customers have made recently and your website visitors will be attracted to do the same. You can do it with the help of a brilliant motivational “Recent sales” or “Live  sales” popup.

Through this popup type you can show your visitors who have recently purchased your products. Specifically, you can show the buyers’ names, countries where the act of purchase was performed, the product bought, as well as the time of purchase. Also, you can include images in the popup. As a result, your customers will see your most demanded products that are actively sold thanks to our brand-new “Recent sales”/”Live sales” popup. Thus, due to following the step-by-step instructions presented in this knowledge base, you will learn how to make this popup.

Steps to Follow

1. In your dashboard, go to the “Popup Builder” section and click on “Add New”

2. Select the “Recent sales” popup type from the menu

3. Then, enter a title for your “Recent Sales” popup (visible to the admin only). Afterward, pass on to the following “Recent Sales Options” section and set up configurations specific to this popup type.

Let’s examine what these options stand for:

Source - here, select the source to give information about your online sales (presently, the “Recent sales” popup works only with WooCommerce plugin, but the feature will be extended).

Content template - the shortcodes in the "Content template" will take information about buyers from your sales (e.g. from WooCommerce) that will be shown in the popup (buyer name, buyer country, ordered product title, purchase time).
Number to Show - here you can set how many of your recent sales you would like to display
Initial delay - sets how many seconds the opening of the first item will be delayed

Display time - shows how long each item will be visible

Delay between - this option enables setting up how long the appearance of each of the following items will be delayed

Show image - here you have three options - to display buyer image, product image or a custom one. If you select custom image, you can upload and set any image from your computer.  

  4. Now, let’s set “Popup Display Rules”. Select “Everywhere” from the dropdown menu if you want the popup to appear on every page and post on your website. In the “Is or is not” option select “is” from the dropdown menu. Well done! Now, the popup will appear everywhere on your website.
  Let’s have a look at a sample “Recent sales” popup