How to create a Simple Review?

With this review type, you don't have to add any additional content. It's as simple as possible - just one main feature to collect ratings!

Here are the steps to add a Simple review:

1. From your Dashboard, under the Plugins section, find Review Builder plugin (that you have already installed)

2. Click Add Review and select Simple review type.

3. Select the subject of your review:

  • Empty (default) - Just an empty form without any title.
  • Text/shortcode as a template - Add a text for the review, or you can add a shortcode to display other content with your review.
  • Image as a template - Add an image to be rated.

* You can go back to the Previous options' section, Skip the section and Continue after each section setup.

4. Set up your review Options

5. Set up the Rate options of your review

6. Localization - Adjust your review texts in the language you wish!

7. Google SEO -

Check the video tutorial to create a Simple Review: