How to create a Contact form popup?

Contact form popup is a great tool to build a connection between you and your customers! With a contact form popup your users can contact you and ask questions they may have.
Follow steps for creating a Contact form popup:
1. In your Popup Builder menu, click "Add new" => select the "Contact"
popup type

2. Enter a Title for your contact form popup (it will be shown in the email subject that you receive from your contacted users)
3. The content you add in the HTML editor of the popup will be shown before or after the form (as you choose)
4. Select a theme for your popup, (if you need no borders for your popup, select the 2nd theme)

5. Set up the General options for your popup.

6. Customize the Input, Textarea and Submit button styles of your Contact form.

7. Select the behavior of your popup after a Successful submission of the form.

You can watch all the changes you make on your form in the Live Preview!

Here's how our Contact popup looks on a page: