How to show all your buttons in one share list?

To show all your buttons in one single share list button, you can simply use our "Toggle dropdown to show buttons" option from the Button style section of the Social Media.
Follow the steps to get it done:
1. Find Social Media under your Dashboard and click Add new
2. Enter a Title for your Social buttons
3. Select a Template for the buttons, click "Next to proceed"

4. Select the Social buttons you want to include in the list, click "Next to proceed"

5. Now, in the Button Style settings, find "Toggle dropdown to show buttons" and set up the dropdown settings:

  • Change button color - select the color of the Share list button
  • Change label color -  select the color of the label of the Share list
  • Label font size - select the font size of the Share list label

Click "Next to proceed" to the other settings of your Social buttons

In the end, don't forget to attach the buttons to a page or a post!

Here you can see the dropdown list on a page.