How to create a Breadcrumb bar?

Here are some steps to help you create a new Breadcrumb bar:

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard

2. Find Breadcrumbs Builder plugin that you have already installed

3. Click and select "Add breadcrumb"

4. Enter the title for your Breadcrumb bar

5. Select any of the 5 themes available for your bar

6. Set up color options for your breadcrumb bar (PRO option)

  • Select your Tab's background color
  • Select the color for the Tab text
  • Pick up your Tab's background color on mouse hover
  • Pick up your Tab's text color on mouse hover

7. Set up the Options:

  • You are here title -  check this option if you want to display the "You are here" text before the bar
  • Show on home page - check this option if you wish to display the bar on your home page
  • Home tab - Choose the look of the Home tab for your bar
  • Breadcrumb box alignment - Choose: Left, Center or Right
  • Margin - You can add space to all the sides of your bar

8. Position on the page - Select the position of the bar on your pages (images will help you) ;-)

And, in the end, Don't forget to Save changes! :)