How to Configure Advanced Closing Settings

Through the “Close Settings” you can make configurations so that you get a polite or aggressive popup. Besides, you can determine the position and the look of the “Close” button. What’s more, it’s also possible not to show the “Close” button.

1. Check the “Show Close Button” option if you want to show the “Close” button on your popup. 

2. What’s more, you can choose to delay the appearing of the “Close” button on the popup window. For this purpose, set a certain value in the “Button delay” option. If no time is specified, the close button will be shown by default without any delay.

3. If you have chosen to show the close button, you can determine its position. Depending on the theme you have chosen in the “Design” section, there can be two or four options (top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right) to select from.

4. You can also set an image to appear as a close button. For this purpose, go to the “Button image” option, click on the “Change image” option and select an image from your computer or from the media library.

5. You can enable dismissing the popup on clicking the “Esc” key. This means that the popup will close if the “Esc” key of your keyboard is clicked.

6. You can make it possible for your visitors to dismiss the popup through clicking on the overlay of the popup window. With this aim, you just have to check the “Dismiss on overlay click” option.

7. If you check the “Disable popup closing” option, the visitors will not be able to close the popup in any of the possible ways.

However, if you want to make it possible for the popup to be dismissed after some time, you can set the “Auto close popup” option in the “Popup Options” section. For example, if you set “Auto close after” 5 seconds, the popup will close automatically when the time has expired.

8. Choose action to perform on popup content click. You can choose the popup to close or to redirect your visitors to another page when they click on popup content. To achieve this, check the “Action on popup content click” option in the “Popup options” section and then, check the following boxes at your discretion. You can also check the “Redirect to new tab” option. In this case, the page you redirect your visitors to will open in a new tab. This is done to ensure the convenience of navigation for your visitors.