How to customize the Rate options of the review?

Let's check the Rate options of a review, in details!


Select the rate type

You can select to show your rating form in Stars, Percentages or Points.


Rate Skin color

Select any color you wish for the rate skin. Fit it to your website colors if you wish!


Form & Content Text color

Select the text color for your form and the content.


Form & content background color

Pick the color you wish for the background of your form and the content.


Transparent background

If the Transparent background option is selected, the " Form & content background color" options will be disabled.


Show total rate

If this option is selected, the total rate of your reviews will be shown in the form.


Show comments

Check this options if you want the comments be visible in the form.


Include captcha

You can check this option to captcha protect your reviews.


Set review wrapper width

Set up the width of your review form, in pixels or in percentages.


Template customize options (only for Product review type)

Background color

Select the color of your template's background.


Text color

Pick a color for your template's text.


Template inner boxes shadow effect

Check the box if you wish to add a shadow effect for the inner boxes of your template.


Shadow color

If you have selected to show shadows for the inner boxes, you can pick a color for the shadow here.


To Left / Right (- / +)

Add shadow from the Left and Right corners of the box in pixels.


To Top / Bottom (- / +)

Add shadow from the Top and Bottom sides of the box in pixels.


Blur effect

Add blur effect to the shadow of the boxes, in pixels.



Select the font of the text of your template.