How to install the Mailchimp extension and set up a popup?

*MailChimp extension requires any of Popup Builder packages to be used with.
 You should have at least the Free version of Popup Builder to use the MailChimp extension. 

Please, follow the steps to install Mailchimp extension:

  • Go to your WordPress admin panel.

  • Go to Plugins > Add New.

  • Click Upload Plugin.

  • Choose package.

  • Click Install Now to install the plugin. A popup window will ask you to confirm your wish to install the plugin.

  • If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it; or Return to Plugin Installer for further actions.

  • Under the Popup Builder a new tab will appear, called "Mailchimp popup"

That's it :) you are ready to use Mailchimp extension.

To configure Mailchimp popup you need to setup an API key to connect Popup Builder with your Mailchimp.

From the Popup's menu you will see Mailchimp section go and enter your API key.

After installation you will see the following screen:

The final step is to create Mailchimp popup :) and you are ready to collect new subscribers!

And here's how to create a Mailchimp Popup:

1. Go to Popup Builder and push Add new

2. Select Mailchimp Popup here

3. First of all, enter a Title for your Mailchimp Popup

4. Then, set up the General options and choose Effect type, its duration & even Opening delay for your Mailchimp Popup

5. After, you can proceed to the main options of your Mailchimp Popup
6. Set up you API key in Your lists and change your Status
7. Set up the General Settings of your Mailchimp Popup

8. Here we can proceed to Styling!
9. Set up General styles of your Mailchimp Popup
10. Set the Inputs styles of your Mailchimp Popup
11. And, at last, select the Submit buttons styles of your Mailchimp Popup

12. When you set up the Style options, it's time to set up the Dimensions

13. Then set up the Options of your Mailchimp Popup, even select it's location on the page!

14. And, if you're a PRO user, you can proceed to the Advanced options of the popup
15. Set up all the desired options for your popup, including popup Showing frequency and the rest of Scheduling!

16. At the end, don't forget to Save Changes of your popup, in the right upper corner of your page! ;-)