How to Configure WooCommerce Settings

WooCommerce options are aimed to detect potential customers’ shopping cart behavior. Then, you can come up with a relevant message through a popup. WooCommerce options can be given to any popup type except for Recent sales/Live sales popup. Just select what behavior you would like to detect and create your popup accordingly. For example, if you select the “Cart is empty” behavior, you can create the popup with a text that runs this way: “Hey, your shopping cart is empty. What about 50% discount on your first purchase?” Then, you can give your potential customer a coupon code to make his/her first purchase.
Now, let’s discuss each behavior separately.

Number of products - if the number of products in the cart is higher or is equal to the specified amount, the popup will appear.

Cart is Empty - the popup will appear if the cart is empty.

Products added - if the following product(s) is/are added to the cart, the popup will appear.

Total price - if the value of the total price (integer) is higher or is equal to the specified amount, the popup will appear.

WooCommerce extension enables detecting shopping cart behavior and making targeted offers to your customers. Each behavior determines a certain content for your popup. So, you can be sure about creating a relevant super-motivational popup content that will serve a strong call-to-action for your potential customers.