How to create a Subscription popup?

Follow the steps to create Subscription popup:
1. In your Popup Builder menu, click "Add new" => select the "Subscription" popup

2. Enter a Title for your popup (visible only for the admin)
3. Type some text (or add an image "Add media") that will appear before the form
4. Select a theme for the popup

5. Set up the General options for the Subscription popup.

  • Select the placeholders you want to include in your form: First name, Last name
  • Set up the Input styles of your form: set up the dimensions and color options of the Input of the form

  • Set up the Submit button styles: set up the dimensions and color options of the Submit button of your popup

  • After successful subscription - This set of options will help you decide on the behavior of your popup after the user has successfully subscribed to your newsletter. There are 4 options to choose from:

       - You can choose to show a success message or not, and you can type your own success message
       - You can enter a URL to redirect users after a successful subscription
       - Open popup after a successful subscription
       - Hide popup after a successful subscription

When you create a subscription popup, all the visitors that subscribe to your newsletter get added to the respective popup's subscription list, which you can find inside "Subscribers" section, under Popup Builder. (Note that the list name is the same as your popup title.)

You can manage the Subscribers list as you wish.

  • You can Add subscribers to any list
  • You can Delete your subscribers
  • Plus, you can download the list, simply clicking "Get list". The downloaded list will be in 'CSV' format which can be easily imported inside all famous Email Marketing services like MailChimp, AWeber and so on.

*In the Gold and Platinum versions of our plugin there's an additional option for the Subscription popup - Newsletter section. You can send notifications to your subscribers about your updates and news periodically. See more details in the following article: Newsletter for Subscription popup (in Gold and Platinum plans)