How to trigger an Onclick popup via CSS class?

If you need to add an Onclick popup on any page/post on your site, you can do that via our CSS class: sg-popup-id-1 (your popup id number)
  • Simply go to the page you want to insert the popup
  • Switch to the Text tab
  • Paste the following CSS class (sg-popup-id-1) inside your HTML elements
Ex. <span class=”sg-popup-id-1”>Click text</span>
*Type your popup id number in the class

Very often users have page builder plugins in their sites and in this case the CSS class adding differs a little.

Suppose you want to add an Onclick popup on a Button element.

In this case, you should go to your Button module settings, find Custom CSS option and enter our CSS class (sg-popup-id-1, 1 is your popup id number) there.

Example with Divi Builder:

Example with Visual Composer

Here you can see the result of the Onclick popup added via CSS class.

Check the following knowledge base article if you wish to add a popup "On page load": Show Popup Automatically