How to add comments as an Admin

You can add or edit the comments of your reviews if you're an Admin. 

Here are the steps:

1. In your Dashboard, find Review Builder plugin.

2. Hover over "Review Builder"

3. Click "Add comment" 

Now let's Add a new comment!

4. First type a title for your comment

5. Set up Comment options:

  • Select the review to which you need to add a comment
  • Select the post category of your review (if you have any)
  • Select the post of the review to add a comment
  • Enter your Name
  • Enter an Email address
  • Now write the comment! :)
  • Approved - Select "Yes" if you want your comment to appear automatically, Select "No" if you want to approve the comment yourself

6. Set up the Rate options:

  • You can rate the feature you want to add a comment on 

7. Don't forget to Save the changes! ;)