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Get onLoad on a popup

Hello, I need to autoplay a video in a popup, so I need to access the onLoad event of the popup through Javascript. How can I do this ? Thanks.

Can I trigger a popup on hover?

I would like the popup to be triggered by a mouseover event. Or hover. Dear Lisa, You can try our Exit Intent extension to open the popup by mouseover event. And for the hover, you can simply insert your text into the following code: [sg_popup id="1" event="hover" wrap="span"]Your text, which will be wrapped inside span element[/sg_popup]

Age Restriction Not working

Clicking Yes does nothing. Redirect does nothing. Changing colours of background does nothing. Am I missing something? Dear Curtis, Can you, please, share a URL with the popup inserted so we can check the issue live?

MailChimp Groups/Segments

How can I choose which groups/segments my incoming subscribers get added to? I only see that they're being added to my "list," which is not desirable. @David Dietz: could you find a solution? I have the same issue. Thank you. Dear Florian, There's an option in MailChimp which allows you to select the groups/segments in the list to which the subscribers will be added to. 1. First you need to create the groups in the list (if you haven't yet). Go to the list menu and find Manage contacts->...


How do I nominate which countries the plugin should show in? Hi, Bruce, from the 'Advanced Options' section at the bottom you will see 'Filter popup for selected countries:' and then select the countries for which popup should be shown.

Using Popup Builder with Revolution Slider Actions

I want to trigger my pop up to open when a user clicks on the 'View Chapter' button on my Revolution Slider on my site. Is there a way to do that? Hi Cheryl, You can try to add the popup to your button via our CSS class. Please, try the following method: https://sygnoos.ladesk.com/627886-How-to-trigger-an-Onclick-popup-via-CSS-class

Link to close window?

Is there an id I can call (or another way) to close the popup window from an HTML popup builder? Dear Richard, You can use our CSS class for closing the popup: sg-popup-close Like in the following example: <a class=“sg-popup-close”>Close the Popup</a> Thank you! Feel free in case you have any other questions! 😉

Adding of a Read more button

How do i add an image and description of image below, followed by a read more button below the description which will redirect to another page.

Show popup set up

How to set up pop up to show once per session. (One time today, one time tomorrow, one time day after...) ( Once shown, not to show again for today)

Can you add sound to the pop-up?

I plan to purchase the platinum plan. I just want to know if we can add a sound (chime) to the pop-up. We need to have a form and then a sound. Hi Teddy, yes it is possible. Once you purchase the PRO package please open a ticket and we will give a piece of code which will add a sound when the popup is opened. That sounds great! (No pun intended). We will be purchasing the Platinum package. I will be sending a ticket once we have purchased by next week. Thanks!

Possible to build Html Popup with page builder?

Is it possible to build a html Popup with a page builder like Themify builder? Hi Holger, If the Themify builder overrides the default WordPress editor then you can use it. To make sure you can check that with our light version of the plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/popup-builder/) and try to create a HTML popup. Well I have allready bought Popup Builder and it does not working with Themify Builder. Thought there could be a solution. Anyways. Thansk for that information. Hi Holger, We ...

Analytics Data

I have purchased the additional analytics extension. How do I access the data that is older than 30 days? Dear Steffi, I'm afraid, 30 days is the maximal time period that can be tracked with our Popup Builder Analytics. Thank you. Are there any plans to expand on this in the future? Dear Steffi, Sure, we'll consider extending it for 3 months. We'll try to have it extended in the next week. That would be great!

I have a platinum plugin but it is not showing any popups on a new portal

I have a platinum plugin but it is not showing any popups on a new portal Hi Praveen, Could you please give us more details on your issue? Did you install the plugin correctly? Could you please give us the URL of your website where you have setup the popup? P.S. This is a public forum, in case you want a private thread please open a ticket here https://sygnoos.ladesk.com/submit_ticket Best Regards, Alexa.

Pop up on Mobile Device

Is there a way to shrink the popup for a mobile device? Dear Kim, You can use the Auto option of the Responsive mode of the popup Dimensions. Or, you can use the Custom mode with the following dimensions: Width: 80% Height: 90% Max width: 640px; Max height: 480px; Check more details here: How to make a popup responsive? (https://sygnoos.ladesk.com/321189-How-to-make-a-popup-responsive)

Never show this message again

One more try here in the forum, before I change to another plugin as I did not get any answer to my ticket and email to the support. Is there any possibility to add the function "Never show this message again" to a popup? And if yes, is it possible also to change the language in this message (not only showing in english)? Would be great to get any answer here, as the plugin actually is great, just the support is missing. Kind regards and thanks in advance Martin Dear Martin, This is reall...

Exit Intent and Advanced Options

Whenever I submit a ticket I don't seem to get any reply, so I'm hoping that someone will help here on the forum. I'm trying to do some A/B testing where I initially had a pop-up on entry. It was setup so the pop-up would only appear once for the visitor within the two week testing period. I then wanted to have the same pop-up appear upon exit intent; however, now that I have turned on the exit intent feature the pop-up appears all the time. I assumed the "advanced options" that allowed me to l...

Stopping multiple popups at one time

Is there a way to stop multiple popups simultaneously opening? I have the age popup as well as a general info popup (7 second delay). The second one pops up over the age one and causes a big old mess... TIA Glenn. Hi Glenn, Thank you for contacting us! Could you, please, provide a URL with the popups inserted so we can see the issue live? Sincerely, Ani, Customer Support Specialist.

Compatible with Geo Directory

Will the upgraded popup builder see all of the available pages, places, post and categories that Geo directory or other plugins create. Thanks! Hi @thomasjay, Yes, the upgraded version will include all you mentioned features and even more. The upgraded version will be extremely extendable. Feel free to contact us in case you have any other questions! We'll be happy to assist you! Best Regards, Alexa.

how to create a pdf popup

Can I create a popup of a pdf?

Can I schedule a popup for specific hours?

Hi, Can I schedule a popup for specific hours? For example if I wanna schedule a popup between 00:10 to 07:00 on thursday 20. That's possible?