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PAGE SCROLL isn't disabled when popup message is opened

Yesterday I purchased this great plugin but I noticed that, when I click to a button to open a popup message, the underlying page scrolls with mousewheel or scroll bar even though the popup is opened and the overlay is visible. Forwarding this issue to the tech support they aswered me that this feature is in their wishlist but actually isn't included in the current version of the plugin. Meanwhile they will develop this functionality (I think it could a primary goal to disable the page scroll w...

Possible to build Html Popup with page builder?

Is it possible to build a html Popup with a page builder like Themify builder? Hi Holger, If the Themify builder overrides the default WordPress editor then you can use it. To make sure you can check that with our light version of the plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/popup-builder/) and try to create a HTML popup. Well I have allready bought Popup Builder and it does not working with Themify Builder. Thought there could be a solution. Anyways. Thansk for that information. Hi Holger, We ...

MailChimp Groups/Segments

How can I choose which groups/segments my incoming subscribers get added to? I only see that they're being added to my "list," which is not desirable.
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Hiding mobile version on Tablet

Hi, In Popup Builder, I have separate popups for mobile and desktop. It looks like an iPad is only considered mobile, is there a way to display the desktop only popup on a tablet, or hide the mobile popup on a tablet so it only shows up on a phone? Thanks, Chris

mp4 video

hi, im unable to use popup video using mp4 ... please advise. thank, Dear Yaser, Our Video popup supports the following video formats: YouTube, Vimeo & Daily Motion. If your video format is different, you can use any other plugin that supports your video format, and use its shortcode in our Shortcode popup. Sincerely, Ani

Popup are not coming up on platinum plugin which I just installed

I have followed your instructions but I don't see any popup coming up Hi Praveen! Most probably, there are JS errors on your site that are affecting our plugin's work and you can't see the popup. Please, provide a URL so we can check it! Sincerely, Ani

ninja forms loading issues

ninja forms having issues loading in popup. the issue might be due to javascript. is there a resolution to this?