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Exit intent on mobile?

Does the exit intent popup work on mobile? I am having trouble getting it to trigger.
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A/B test

Can you do that? Dear Søren, I'm afraid, we don't have A/B testing in our plugin at the moment. But we have an Analytics extension, that may help you to see the effectiveness of your popups. Please, check more details in here: Analytics Extension (https://popup-builder.com/downloads/analytics/) Feel free to contact us in case you have any other questions! We'll be happy to assist! ;-)

Show on scroll

What exactly does this feature do? Is there a way to make popup show after scrolling, for example, 2/3 or 3/4 of post content? Dear Ірина, With "Show on scroll" option, you can set a certain percentage, like 40%, and the popup will appear when you scroll the 40% of your page/post.

"Stay here" popup

Hello, I would like to make a popup with a Button that says "stay here" or something similar that works in exit intent, This would be similar to the restriction popup, but the restriction popup do not have the exit intent option, so it does not work for me. I hope you can help me, regards

Build popup to give visitor options

Hello, I am looking to do this: When a visitor goes to mysite.com, I would like a popup to display that will give them the option to either continue to mysite.com or to go to my other site at mysite2.com. Is this possible with your popup builder? Dear Ryan, You can try our Age restriction popup type, which provides with 2 buttons, Yes and No, originally. The Yes button closes the popup, and the users just stay on the page they were. The No button redirects users to the page url you set in the ...

Countdown popup

Hello, Is possible in the countdown popup to add a button ?? regards Dear Jose, Sure, you can add any element you wish in the HTML editor of the Countdown popup.

Where is everybody?

Where the fuck are you people? You don't answer emails or inquiries. I'm starting to think YOU SUCK!

Wont show up on backend sidebar

I just installed Popup Builder after I watched the demo and activated it. But I didn't get an option for Popup Builder on the sidebar in the back-end like there is in the demo. I don't know if there is a step I missed or what but WordPress tells me it's activated and it even gives me the option to pick a popup for a page when I edit the page like it does in the demo but I can't find where to actually make the popup. Dear Tony, Could you, please, share the demo you're referring to so we can make...

Popup on all pages and posts

I want the age restriction popup to work on all pages and posts. How can I achieve it? Dear Cathy, You should check the option “Show on selected pages” and choose “all pages” option.

Can I schedule a popup for specific hours?

Hi, Can I schedule a popup for specific hours? For example if I wanna schedule a popup between 00:10 to 07:00 on thursday 20. That's possible? Hi Matias, The option you require for is included in the PRO versions of our plugin. In the Advanced options, there's an option "Show popup in date range". You can set the days and the hours when you want to show the popup. In your case, something like this: Feel free in case you have any other questions! We'll be happy to assist you in any poss...

Fire javascript then close on text click

Hey there, I want to create a quick questionnaire pop-up that reports the answer back to facebook using a custom event before closing the pop up.. To fire the pixel and send the event I need to run some javascript like this... <script> fbq('track', 'Answer'); </script> Would it be possible to have the question and then 4 answers as buttons/text/images that run different scripts and then close the pop up upon clicking? Dear Collin, You can use our HTML popup to get this kind of...

Popup Only On Click

Hi How do I stop a popup from popping automatically? I have now set the delay to 8000 seconds. I only want the popup to display on click of link or button. Dear Johan, Please, write to our Ticketing system, this is our forum. We'd like to provide private support so you can share a URL for us to check your popup live. Here it is: support@popup-builder.com Thanks Ani. I have sent you an email. Hi Ani I am not sure if you got my support email. Hi Johan, We really didn't get your email. Please...

"Popup" Never Disappear

Hi I read through the docs but could not see if you have the option to do the following: Say the "popup" header always sits in the bottom right corner or wherever at possition (a) If the user click on the button, let's say the header says "ENQUIRY", the Enquiry form pops up. If the user closes the popup Enquiry it shrink to position (a) again. If the user did not use/click on the "Enquiry" the other exit intent rules apply. Is this possible? Dear Johan, As far as we understood, you need ...

Disable page scrolling does not work

Running WP 4.9.1 with Popup Builder Pro 3.3.8. We have an HTML popup configured to disable page scrolling, but users can still scroll with the mouse or scroll bar. Here is the URL - https://www.jackrabbitclass.com What am I doing wrong? Dear Brent, We've contacted you via private email. Please, check it. ;-)

Builder tool

I don't see the same tools as shown in the demo, I see no Start Builder button at the bottom Dear Michael, 1. We don't have any demos, actually. Could you, please, share what you have seen? 2. There's no Start Builder button in our plugin, we never had such. Please, make sure you are referring to a right plugin: Popup Builder (https://popup-builder.com/)


In either the freemium or pro version, is it possible to fine tune the format of a popup: a) Border color and width. b) Shadow color, opacity and offset. Thanks Dear Lisa, I'm afraid we don't have much options for popup border customization. The only possible option for the border is switching the popup theme for different borders.

Can I trigger a popup on hover?

I would like the popup to be triggered by a mouseover event. Or hover. Dear Lisa, You can try our Exit Intent extension to open the popup by mouseover event. And for the hover, you can simply insert your text into the following code: [sg_popup id="1" event="hover" wrap="span"]Your text, which will be wrapped inside span element[/sg_popup] Could you expand on your answer please? I use Visual Composer...I assume the short code needs to be inserted in a page object... - where exactly would the s...

Get onLoad on a popup

Hello, I need to autoplay a video in a popup, so I need to access the onLoad event of the popup through Javascript. How can I do this ? Thanks.

Age Restriction Not working

Clicking Yes does nothing. Redirect does nothing. Changing colours of background does nothing. Am I missing something? Dear Curtis, Can you, please, share a URL with the popup inserted so we can check the issue live?

MailChimp Groups/Segments

How can I choose which groups/segments my incoming subscribers get added to? I only see that they're being added to my "list," which is not desirable.