How to create a PDF Popup

PDF Popup is a super effective tool to share files or documents with the visitors of your site. You can set the Popup to show each time when you need to inform the site's guests about important information in PDF format.

PDF Popup is a free type, which you can get from Popup Builder website.

Now, let's see how you can use the Popup's functionality in details.

First, please open your WordPress Dashboard and click on Popup Builder and Add New. Here, you need to click on the PDF Popup icon to start customizing it.

Second, give a title and start setting the features.

The General section is the key tool to customize the Popup. It has 3 sections to fill:

1. Upload .pdf file, to upload the shareable PDF file.

2. PDF Zoom Level, to adjust the zoom of the file. There are 3 types to set the zoom - Automatic, Full Width and in Percentages (25%, 50% ... 200%)

3. Default selected page, to set the exact page number of the PDF file to open the Popup.

After adding all needed properties to your Popup, just press Publish

In case of any features changes of the Popup, please press Update and Preview Changes to see the result.

And the final result of our template

Take consider, that the users can do all the above-mentioned changes manually, directly from the settings section of the appeared Popup.