How to Create a Countdown Popup

If you want to incite a feeling of urgency or excitement in your website visitors when announcing the end of your offers or the opening of a special event, the countdown popup creates a brilliant opportunity to realize this objective. Due to following the step-by-step instructions presented in this knowledge base, you will learn how to make an eye-catching countdown popup thus making your offers as attractive as possible.

Steps to Follow

1. In your dashboard, go to the “Popup Builder” section and click on “Add New”

2. Select the “Countdown” popup type from the menu

3. Then, enter a title for your Countdown popup (visible to the admin only)

4. You can add an image and a text to your Countdown popup in the HTML editor

5. Pass on to the following “Countdown Popup Main Options” section and set up configurations specific to the Countdown popup type. Setting up Counter background and text colors will give a special charm to the counter of your popup. Don’t forget to specify the time when your offer  is going to end or an event is going to start in the “Due date” section. Also, if you check the “Show counter on the Top” option, the counter will show up on the top of your popup content. Consequently, if you don’t check the option, the counter will appear under your popup content.

6. Then, choose “Selected posts” option from the dropdown menu in the “Display Rule” section if you want to show your Countdown popup on a particular post (posts). In the “Is or is not” option select “is” from the dropdown menu. Well done! Now, in the “Select Your Posts” option, start typing the name of the post where you want the Countdown popup to appear, click to select the post.  

7. Setting up the dimensions of your Countdown popup, the best option to have a responsive popup is to use the "Responsive mode" with the “Auto” option for your popup dimensions. You can also select the “Custom mode” to give custom dimensions to your popup.  

Let’s have a look at a sample Countdown popup