Exit Intent functionality for all popup types

You can create any type of popups and set an Exit Intent option to them!
The Exit Intent option is included in the Gold and Platinum packages of our plugin.
Besides, we do have a separate Exit Intent extension, that you can purchase separately, and have it on your Free and Silver packages as well.
You can enable it checking the option and select the mode you need for your Exit Intent popup.
Exit Intent option supports 4 modes:

  • Soft mode - This mode enables you to show popup when user is going to navigate away from your site. Thus when a user navigates the mouse outside from active pave
  • Aggressive mode - This mode will allow you to show alert box when a user tries to close the tab and only after that a popup will appear
  • Soft and Aggressive modes - This will enable both of the modes. Depends on which action will be triggered first.
  • Aggressive without popup - This will only open an alert box without a popup
  • Show Popup option - You can setup popup appearance frequency.
  • Alert text -  This field is for the alert message in case you have selected the Aggressive mode or Soft and Aggressive modes.