How to Add a Popup on Your Site

When making a popup, you already have some idea where on your website you would like to place it. Let’s see what configurations you should make to place the popup on your site. Suppose, you want to make an HTML popup. Along with setting the other important features, go to the “Popup Display Rules” section and select the “Display rule” from the dropdown menu. In the “Display rule” section you specify where the popup should be shown on your site. You can choose among a great variety of display rules, such as showing your popup on several posts, pages, tags and/or products. Or else, show your popup on a particular post, page, product or a tag. Also, you can display the popup on all posts, all pages, all products, for all tags or everywhere on your website. For the latter, choose “Everywhere” in the “Display Rule” section. Then, select “is” in the “Is or is not” section.  

For example, if you want to show the popup on a particular post, go to the “Display rule” section, choose “Selected posts” from the dropdown menu and then, select “Is” in the “Is or is not” section. Then, in the “Select Your Posts” section, start typing the name of the post where the popup is going to appear, click to select the post.  


What’s more, you can manage display rules by adding or deleting them. As you can see in the screenshot above, we have chosen to place our popup in the post “Hello world”. If we want to place the popup in one of our pages as well, we should add a “Display rule” field and follow the same configuration rules for a page. Let’s have a look at a screenshot.


You can show your popup on all pages, all posts, all products or for all tags. For this purpose, select the corresponding rule in the “Display rule” section. Then, select “Is” in the “Is or is not” section.     

So far we spoke about selecting where to place our popup. Now, let’s see how we can exclude displaying the popup somewhere on the site. For example, if you want to exclude a particular page, i.e. show your popup on all pages except for that single page, first, select “All pages” from the dropdown menu in the “Display rule” section and set “Is” in the “Is or is not” section. Then, add a “Display rule” field, choose “Selected pages” from the dropdown menu, select “Is not” in the “Is or is not” section. Afterward, just mention the page to be excluded in the “Select Your Pages” section and the popup will not open on that page.

Considering the type of the popup and the goal you want to achieve through its usage, you will be able to determine the correct place on your site to display the popup. If you can determine where the popup should open on your site correctly, you will make it far more effective and influential.