How to Set Scheduling Options

Scheduling is a perfect solution to make popups soft and polite. If you have many popup ads you would like to show on your landing page, you can schedule them in order to avoid staffing. You can set these popups to show up at different hours and even on different days. Due to following the step-by-step instructions presented in this knowledgebase, you will learn how to schedule popups for weekdays and for specific hours. What’s more, we will show how to set a date range for your popup.

1. Scheduling popups for weekdays and for specific hours

To schedule popups for weekdays and hours, go to “Popup Other Conditions” section and check the “Schedule” option. Then, set the weekdays when your popup will appear. In our example,we have set the popup to appear every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You can also set the hours during which the popup will show up.

2. Setting a date range for your popup

You can also set a date range to show your popup. For this purpose, go and check the “Show popup in date range” option. Then, set the start and end date for showing the popup during the mentioned period.