How to Install and Activate Popup Builder Free Plugin

Popup Builder Free Plugin is definitely the best way to start managing your website to increase sales, site visitors and build long-term, loyal customer relationships. We are here to help you and show the all process step by step with appropriate screenshots.

There are 2 main options to download and activate the Popup Builder Free Plugin:

  1. Popup Builder Official Website -
  2. Your WordPress Dashboard 

1.      Install and Activate via Popup Builder Official Website

Please open the link –, push the button “Download Now” and save the “” file on your Computer

Then, please upload the file, open your WordPress Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New

and press Upload Plugin, choose the "" file, and press Install Now, as it is captured on the screenshot below

After then, please press Activate Plugin

The final step, please find Popup Builder on the menu bar and press Add New to choose the appropriate Popup type

2.      Install and Activate via WordPress Dashboard

To activate via your WordPress Dashboard, first, please choose Plugins, search for "Popup Builder" >> Install Now

Second, please press the button Activate

So, the plugin is already activated and ready to use