Exit Intent functionality for all popup types

Exit-intent functionality is a popup event that can be set to any popup type and is considered to be the most effective strategy to prevent visitors from leaving your site. Let’s get familiar with configurations that enable us to set an exit-intent event to a popup type. Our example is shown with HTML popup, but you can give an exit-intent event to any popup type. With the help of these easy-to-follow instructions you will be able to set an exit-intent event to your popup in a few simple steps.

  1. Thus, go to the “Popup Events” section and select Exit intent from the dropdown menu.  

2. Then, go to the “Mode” section to select the exit intent mode. Select one of the modes from the dropdown menu. In our example, soft mode has been selected.

Now, let’s get familiar with the functioning of each of the exit-intent modes.

  • Soft mode - This mode enables you to show the popup when the user is going to navigate away from your site.
  • Aggressive mode - This mode allows you to show an alert box when a user tries to close the tab and only then a popup will appear.

  • Soft and Aggressive modes - This will enable both of the modes depending on the action that is triggered first. When a visitor tries to leave the website, the popup will appear. When the visitor doesn’t close the popup and tries to close the tab, the alert box will appear.

  • Aggressive without popup - This will only open an alert box without a popup.

Go to the “Settings” section and specify the “Expiry time” for the exit-intent functionality. For example, if the expiry time is set to -1 days, the popup will open with the exit-intent event anytime the programming language detects the intention of a visitor to exit a page.   If the expiry time is set to 10 days, the popup will open with the exit-intent event and then it will open 10 days later.

Page level cookie saving - If this option is checked, the technology saves cookie information for each page separately. This means that if you have set the popup to appear on exit intent twice for several selected pages, it will appear twice on each of the separate pages. But if the “Page level cookie saving” option is not checked, the cookie information will refer sitewide. This means that, for example, if you have set the popup to appear on exit intent three times, it will appear three times overall for the whole website, so it won’t open three times on each page separately.  

If the “Detect exit only from top bar” option is checked, the exit-intent functionality will work only if the mouse pointer moves to the top bar.     

Let’s have a look at a sample HTML popup created applying the exit-intent functionality