How to open a Popup via Divi

Divi theme is one of the easiest and convenient ways to create a page on the WordPress platform.

Accordingly, we are going to show how you can create and adjust a web page via Divi.

Required steps:

1. Go to the proper Page/Post, after please fill in the title and click on the Use Divi Builder button to start the process.


2. Click on the Start Building button.


3. Choose the row type.


4. Select the required module for each row section.


We have used a Button (renamed into Subscribe) module for the first row, Image for the second one and Social buttons for the third section.


5. After all adjustments please press Publish.


To add a Subscription Popup type (in our example we use a Subscription Popup type) under the button Subscribe:

1. Create a Subscription Popup with an On click event.


2. Go to your created Post via Divi and insert the Popup class inside the CSS class section of the Button settings.


3. After clicking on the Subscribe button, the Popup will appear.