How to show a Popup according to device type

The Advanced Targeting extension gives you an opportunity to set targeting based on various factors.

In this case, we are going to show how you can set targeting according to the device type. You have an opportunity to select devices such as desktop, tablet, mobile, bots to show or not to show the Popup.

Required steps:

1. Open your WordPress Dashboard and choose the appropriate Popup type to create.

2. Go to Popup Conditions section.

3. Select Devices from the dropdown box.

4. Choose the proper command Is or Is Not from the Rule section.

  • The Is command gives permission to show the Popup for the proper device type.
  • The Is Not command gives permission not to show the Popup for the proper device type.

5. Go to the Select user devices section to choose the device to show the Popup for the appropriate device type.

Please consider, that all above-mentioned rules you can use simultaneously.

Also, all options from the Advanced Targeting section you can use concurrently.