AdBlock Event for All Popup Types

AdBlock event is a popup functionality that can be set to any popup type. It is considered to be an effective strategy to detect the use of an ad blocking software by web users and to come up with an offer to turn it off. Thus, an AdBlock popup is a popup window that only appears  when the application of an ad blocking software has been detected. Then, depending on the type of the popup, you come up with a different message such as a video, an image, a text message, etc. Through these messages, you get a chance to ask web users to turn off the ad blocking software so that they can see the advertisements on your site. Now, let’s get familiar with configurations that enable us to set an Ad block event to a popup type. Our example is shown with HTML popup, but you can give an Ad block event to any popup type. With the help of these easy-to-follow instructions you will be able to set an Ad block event to your popup in a few simple steps.

1. Thus, go to the “Popup Events” section and select Adblock from the dropdown menu.   

2. Then, go to the “Delay” section and set how many seconds the appearing of the popup should be delayed. If no value is set, by default the popup will appear with no delay (as soon as the page is loaded) in case an ad blocking software has been detected.

Let’s have a look at a sample HTML popup created using the Adblock event