How to create your own template and use it in your reviews? (PRO option)

You can create and design your own template in Review Builder, just follow the steps!

1. In your WordPress Dashboard, find Review Builder plugin, hover over it and click "Add template"

2. Enter a Title for your template. (to make it easier to find this template among all your templates)

3. Add your HTML codes and CSS styles directly to our shortcodes or to any HTML tag to get the look you want for your template.

4. Select, copy and paste the shortcodes of the fields or simply click insert tag in front of the shortcodes you want to add.

5. Add an image for your template, if you wish. (to make it easier to find this template among all your templates)

6. Don't forget to Save changes! ;-)

7. Now let's add the template you've created to a review.

8. Simply click "Add review" from your Dashboard, hover over Review Builder

9. All your templates will open, find the one you just created and select it. :)

10. Then you can proceed to creating your new review.