How to open links inside the Iframe popup?

This method of opening links inside an Iframe popup, is especially useful in case you have many links to share in Iframe popups. You don't have to create dozens of Iframe popups for each of your link, especially when you want the same settings for all the Iframe popups with the links.

So, please, follow the steps to have it done:
1. In your popup Builder menu, click Add new popup
2. Select the Iframe popup type from the list

3. Add any URL you wish in the Iframe URL field, your Homepage URL, for example. Add a title and save it
*The URL in this field won't be shown anywhere, it's just nominal, to make the popup save.

4. Go to the page you wish to have the Iframe popup on

5. Switch to the Text mode of the HTML editor and paste the following code there:

Ex. <a href="" class="sg-iframe-popup-1">Popup</a>

Note: Insert your link instead of, add your popup id number, enter a click text to trigger the popup (in our example it's "Popup")

And here's the Iframe popup on the page: