How to create a Gamification - Pick a Gift Popup

Gamification or Pick a gift Popup is a great way to increase sales and subscriptions. The key hint of this Popup is a spirit to win. The site guests have an opportunity to choose from one of 5 gift boxes via just one click to get the prize.

Now, let's see how to create Gamification - Pick a Gift Popup.

First, you need to open your WordPress Dashboard, choose Popup Builder, and click Add New to choose the Popup from the icon bar.

Second, please start fill in all needed fields and start from the title.

The General is a core section of this Popup, which has 3 main options to customize:

1. The Contents section has 4 message types, which you can adjust on your proper way:

  • Main screen message to write and custom pushing notes for the site guests to play the game and win.

  • Play screen message to compose an encouraging note to your website visitors to pick a gift.

  • Win screen message to insert a congratulation note, when the user wins the game. 


  • Lose screen message to create an info message notifying about that the user lost the game and can try next time to win.

2. The Design section adjusts the following options:

  • The Input styles section gives an opportunity to set the size, text, and color of the borders, background, placeholder.

  • The Button styles section is used to adjust the size, shape, and color of the button and borders, to title the button and waiting for text (in progress).

  • The Button image section is a very cool option, which gives a big choice of unique gift icons for different topics.

  • The Error message section is customizing tool which gives you an opportunity to insert info texts to remind the user about info errors or requires:

Invalid message - notes that an incorrect email address is added.

Required fields - informs that the required field is mandatory to fill in.

GDPR terms - alerts about the terms and conditions regarding personal information of the site subscriber.

3.Options - to set the Winning Chance in percentages (0%,10%,20% ... 100%)

After adding all the required points, please press Publish

And, in case of any changes press Update and Preview Changes to see the result

And our Popup template of Pick a Gift or Gamification Popup