Some features realated question

I'm interested in the plugin, I need to clarify some doubts- 1. Can admin allow only login Members for review? 2. Can site owners or admin respond/reply to reviews? (Optional) Dear Bikram, You can set the review to be accessible for logged in users only (logged in to your site). But I'm afraid, you can't respond to reviews.

How to add admin response

We have already purchased your Review Builder Pro version. We need to reply admin response for our reviewers? How can I reply for our reviewer comments? Dear Forkan, I'm sorry, we don't have such a option at the moment. But it will be included in our future updates. ;-)

Insert review option after purchase

I would like to know if it is possible to insert a product review form for woocommerce after purchase. Eg: I made the purchase and after the approval of it appears the product review form to add stars and talk how was the purchase.
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Compatible with Business Directory??

Hi wonderful community I have created a business directory thanks to Business Directory Plugin. I want my users to be able to review the listings . the main issue is that there is more than 4000 listings in the directory. my questions are * is Review Builder compatible with Business Directory Plugin? * is there a way to automatically add the review section on all the listings or will I have to do it one by one? thx

Importing WooCommerce rating

Hello, is there a possibility to export/import/transfer the woocommerce ratings? Actually, we are migrating our site. It'd be very precious if we'd export the ratings we have on the old site to transfer into the new. Many thanks! Dear Turi, Our plugin doesn't have any options for the migration of the ratings (or other content within the plugin). But there are many migration plugins available in WordPress, that can do the whole work for you. BackupGuard ( ...

How do I adjust the length of review excerpts?

Is there a way to increase the length of review excerpts before the "show all" option appears. I would like readers to be able to see more of each comment automatically without having to expand the text. Unfortunately, we don't have such option for now, but we can tell you to modify a piece of code and you'll be able to set to whatever you need. Please let us know if this solution would work for you. I realize that's not an in-built option. What's the CSS code for adjusting the text length? Insi...