How to customize the general options of a review?

Let's check the general options of a review, one by one!


Comments to show

Here, you can select the count of the comments you need to show under your review. For example, if you have 56 comments, you can use this option to display only the first 10, before the visitor clicks to "Load more".


Comments to load

In this field, you should enter the count of the comments you want to load every time a visitor clicks "Load more". For example, if you select "3", the comments will be added by 3, when they click to "Load more".


Notify for new comments to this email 

Enter the email address, to which you want to receive notifications about new comments left on your review.


Require login for new comments 

If this option is checked, only the logged in users can add comments. So, if someone not logged in tries to add a comment, login will be required.


Hide comment form for all users

If this option is checked, the comment box won't be displayed in the form, so the users won't be able to add comments.


Title required

Check this option if you need your visitors to add the title of their review.


Email required 

If this option is checked the users will have to enter their email address to be able to add a review.


Auto approve comments

Check this option if you want the comments be automatically approved and displayed in your review form. But if you do not check this option, the comments won't be shown until you approve them from the "Comments" section in Review Builder.


Detect user by PC or IP

Select whether you wish to detect your reviewers by their PC or by their IP. This option is a great tool to protect your site from spammers.


Feature to rate

(for Simple review type)

(for other types)

You should add at least one feature to be rated. Add the the quality, price, or other features of your review item here. You can add unlimited amount of features to be rated.