How to Create an Iframe Popup

Iframe popup is a brilliant solution to embed another HTML document inside a popup. Users can embed videos, weather forecast, Google maps, digital publications and any other content inside an Iframe popup to make an advertisement. Due to following the step-by-step instructions presented in this knowledge base, you will learn how to make an eye-catching Iframe popup thus making your offers as attractive as possible.

Steps to Follow

1. In your dashboard, go to the “Popup Builder” section and click on “Add New”

2. Select the “Iframe” popup type from the menu

3. Then, enter a title for your Iframe popup (visible to the admin only)

4. Pass on to the following “General” section and fill in the URL of your page in the “Enter Iframe URL” section.  

5. Then, choose “Selected posts” option from the dropdown menu in the “Display Rule” section if you want to show your Iframe popup on a particular post (posts). In the “Is or is not” option select “is” from the dropdown menu. Well done! Now, in the “Select Your Posts” section, start typing the name of the post where you want the Iframe popup to appear, click to select the post.  

6. Now, you can add an event to the Iframe popup in the following “Popup Events” section. Let’s select the “On Scroll” event as an example. Setting the “On Scroll” event to 30 percent in the “After x percent” field will make the popup appear after scrolling the page down to the mentioned percentage.

7. Setting up the dimensions of your Iframe popup, you can leave the default value of 60% for the Width and Height of the popup window. In case you want to set other dimensions, you can certainly change the default value.  

Let’s have a look at a sample Iframe popup