How to Set Geotargeting Options

Geotargeting allows to segment potential customers according to geographical location. This feature also works for popups. Taking into account some objective and subjective factors, you can allow or disallow showing a popup in certain countries. Due to following the step-by-step instructions presented in this knowledgebase, you will learn how to set geotargeting options.

Thus, if you want to allow showing your popup in certain countries, you should perform the following actions. In your popup settings, go to “Popup Conditions” section and select “Countries” from the dropdown menu. Then, select “Is” in the “Page operator” section and go to the “Select countries” section to set the countries where you would like to allow the popup.  

In order to disallow showing the popup in certain countries go to “Popup Conditions” section in popup settings. Then, select “Countries” from the dropdown menu. Pass on to “Page operator” section and select the “Is not” option. Afterward, in the “Select countries” section, choose the countries where you would like to disallow the popup showing.